Graeme Mackay from Morrison & Mackay takes us through this next one. Graeme tells us that at one time [back in the day], some in the industry demanded grain/column still spirits like Cambus, be de-classified as whiskies. See the ad that reads in bold: ‘Cambus is not a pot still whisky’ – an example of where Cambus used the negatives to their advantage.

Càrn Mòr Celebration of the Cask - Cambus 27 year Old

  • Nose

    Initially earthy, gluey, potent. Particulars: green olives, olive oil, sunflower seeds, honeyed walnuts into > green popcorn, becoming much huskier later into chocolate-y Coco Pops and aromatic peppery Vitam-R < caramel and toffee apples being quietly made in the background.


    Sour-sweet wood-vanilla arrival. Dave Broom points out the rum likeness, which is so obvious once he’s said it [in particular, Don Q: WLP – I find]. Water in the mouth brings out more of a savoury-sweet malty raisin-y [subtle] sherried profile.


    Though very boozy/sherried < husky < sour-lemon and > chocolate-y > [olive] oils persist thereafter. We see a spirit-faithful conclusion, the character of which is in keeping with what I’ve experienced of Cambus before. Not for the faint-hearted, but once tamed, it’s a lovely single cask. Keeps you thinking till the last. “That was a belter“, declares Dave Broom.