The first distillery to take out a licence after the Excise Act of 1823, the distillery was a favourite of King George IV who demanded nothing but Glenlivet during a visit to Edinburgh in 1821 - three years before it was legal! Glenlivet has given its name to the 'longest valley in Scotland', so called after several distilleries laid claim to the Glenlivet suffix to cash in on the distillery's sterling reputation. But only one can call itself The Glenlivet.

It took several generations of the founding Smith family to form the distillery into the huge brand it was to become with Captain Bill Smith Grant taking over the reins after returning from fighting in the First World War. When prohibition was repealed in the USA in 1933, Bill Smith Grant was able to capitalise on the great reputation they had built in the States in earlier years. Glenlivet remains hugely popular both across the pond and at home to this day.

Bottle #55

A beautiful golden dram from The Glenlivet distillery. This bottle was sold exclusively at Glenlivet distillery and bottled on site in 2016. (March 16th 2016)

Matured for 18 Years Old and bottled at cask strength of 48.9%


  • NOSE

    Toffee, raisins and Sultanas join with malt and create a fruit cake.


    Starts with honey. A great balance. Orange, ginger, malt and vanilla combines with honey and cover the palate. 


    Long and warm. Raisins and winter spices are notable.