Whisky - Our Map
We use four flavour profiles to help you find the right Whisky. Light & Fruity, Smooth & Sweet, Rich & Spicy & Smoky & Peaty
Rich & Spicy - An Example

Flavour map position - 4.5/5 Rich and 3/5 Delicate.

This Speyside distillery was established in 1879. This cask strength whisky looks rich and dark in the glass.

Ian Buxton says that it can be drunk at full strength but develops with water. Ian also says that the taste is big, Christmas cake, dried fruits with some citrus and chocolate notes.

Jim Murray has rated many of the a'bundahs over 90, batch dependent, with Batch 50 at 95.5.

Light & Fruity - An Example

Flavour map position - 3.5/5 Light and 4/5 Delicate.

Auchentoshan distillery is situated in the west of Scotland and was founded in 1823. The name Auchentoshan is from Gaelic Achadh an t-Oisein and translates as "the field of the corner". The classic is 

a fruity and somewhat refined taste with peach, crème anglaise, apple and a floral freshness on the nose.

This is light and easy to drink, a good introduction to Whisky. Like Peaty Whiskies are not for everyone, such a light taste experience may not be suitable for those that like big flavour.

Smoky & Peaty - An Example

Flavour map position - 5/5 Smoky and 4/5 Light.


Ardberg distillery is in Ardbeg on the south coast of the isle of Islay and was founded in 1815.

The ten year old is immensely Peaty but with a fruity and refined citrus sweetness.

This is slightly sweet and its big Peat overtone is a bit like Marmite,  you will love it or hate it. I think the Peaty flavour will be overbearing for people that are new to Whisky.

Smooth & Sweet - An Example

Flavour map position - Right in the middle.


Glenmorangie has existed as a distillery since 1843 when William Matheson bought a license to make whisky on the site of a brewery located near the Tarlogie Springs in Ross-shire in the highlands of Scotland.

This is very fruity and thick. Rich notes of lemon, nectarine and apple with fresh and balanced, vanilla. Boiled sweets, very creamy, tiramisu, toffee.